Making a Simple Game in Ruby with Metaprogramming

Previously in the series we begin exploring the basics of metaprogramming by creating a quine, a small program that replicates

Making Conway’s Game of Life In JavaScript

The Game of Life is a simulation of cellular automata devised by English mathematician John Conway. Even though it’s referred

Creating a Typing Speed Calculator in C++

In this article we’ll be demonstrating how to calculate a user’s typing speed by having them transcribe a sentence picked

Creating a Simple Temperature Converter in Ruby

Having a program that you can use to convert temperatures on the fly can be very handy. In this article

Creating a Random Name Generator in Ruby

A random name generator is a very basic program to make that also has some practical use if you ever

Calculating Age in Seconds in Ruby

Understanding the basics of displaying time in programming is pretty important as a lot of programs need to use dates

Creating a Word Counter in C++

Counting the amount of words in a string is one of the most basic programs that you can make in

Text to Morse Code Converter in C++

Morse Code is a method of transmitting text via a series of sounds or dots and dashes and is named

Converting Text to Binary and Text to Hexadecimal in C++

Creating a C++ program that can translate text to binary and text to hexadecimal is a good way to understand

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